Friday, May 21, 2010


Cellphones are not permitted on set- sometimes they may be permitted in holding

There are many reasons, but lets just say the best reason is that Cellphones are disruptive and distracting, and we eliminate the urge for folks to take pictures of the stars and sets ( The sets are intellectual property belonging to the studio.) We dont have permission to post pictures of other artists work so please be advised that you could be removed not only from set, but ALSO from our files completely. We know that in this 21st century and all the social media that its part of our lifestyle, however, most Film Production companies adhere to a strict no cellphone policy.- NO CELLPHONES on set!

When we call you to book you or check your availabilty,and when we ask if you are available, the best response is YES or NO. Please dont ask hours or say it depends on the hours- plan on booking the ENTIRE day out for us, get a sitter, have a roommate walk the dog etc. , There is no way we can check schedules for you, but dont worry if you aren't available we will call you again!

NO CALL NO SHOW_ dont do it. PERIOD>. Ive heard all the excuses, MY grandma died, MY roommate evicted me and threw my clothes out, i have food poising because I ate some fish at the sushi resteruant and it may have been raw, my fanbelt broke, etc..

When you are booked- you are booked based upon a certain amount of spacesthat are needed to fill each day- If you dont show up and you play the Deputy, who is a size specific wardrobe , by the way- i have to scramble to find someone that fits the SIZES and has a CLEAN shaven face and looks "coplike"-

This is a JOB. Be professional. Be ontime. Don't bring guests to wait on set for you.

Show up Early, look for the A.D team or the P A team .Bring your I D as required by LAW_ follow this official US government link of acceptable I D- again- its a FEDERAL LAW

All info will be on the Voicemail- we confirm by text or voicemail Failure to confirm may mean that we give your spot away to someone else if we cant verify that you received all details

Helpful Hints
Get your clothes ready the night before- get directions the night before and make sure you google map STREET VIEW to look at the landmarks and locations . THIS will save you time and frustration.

Bring a pen, knapsack, a few sundries in case craft service is far away, a book to read,and your I D's cuz, its the LAW


  1. Hi, i have a question about this. Is there an email address i can email my question to?

  2. Can you tell us where shooting will occur? Just a city will suffice. For example, "Peachtree City".

  3. Britt- Post your question here

    tj- Atlanta

  4. Is it too late to audition???!!! I have a few of the looks that are needed.Just now hearing about the casting.Ugh! :-(