Thursday, July 29, 2010

Heat Warning PLEASE READ!!!!


This program is written to address the concerns, symptoms and prevention of heat related
illnesses, which can be fatal. Heat illness can occur when your body temperature rises only a few
degrees above normal (98.6°). This heat build up can be caused by exposure to hot and/or
humid weather as well as, physical exertion. Without immediate treatment, this can result in
weakness, cramps, disorientation and can even be fatal. Under Cal/OSHA law, Heat Illness
Prevention applies to all outdoor places of employment at those times when the environment
risk factors for heat illness are present.


HEAT RASH is caused by excessive sweating during hot and humid weather and appears on the
skin in the form of a rash.

HEAT CRAMPS are painful muscle spasms that occur when excessive sweating (usually from
strenuous physical activity) has depleted the body of its salt and fluids (electrolytes).

SUNBURN is caused by overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It may cause burns and
blisters on the skin which may also be called sun poisoning. Long term exposure to the sun may
lead to skin cancer.

HEAT EXHAUSTION occurs when the body losses more fluids than it has taken in. Some
symptoms include excessive sweating, cold and clammy skin, weakness, dizziness, vomiting and
loss of consciousness.

HEATSTROKE is a life threatening emergency that occurs when the body’s natural temperature
regulation system shuts down and sweating stops. Symptoms include, hot, dry, flushed skin,
altered behavior, convulsions and high internal body temperature. IF THESE SYPMTOMS ARE


Warning signs and symptoms of heat illness are key to early detection in preventing life
threatening heat stroke. However, these symptoms may not always follow a progressive
pattern. Any of the following signs should be treated seriously:

Discomfort Headache Muscle cramps
Fatigue Dizziness Fainting
Lack of Sweating Confusion Irritability
Blurried Vision Altered Behavior Vomiting
Seizures Poor Concentration Disorientation

Please report to your supervisor immediately if you or a co-worker are displaying any of these
heat illness symptoms!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tuesday July 27

Since some of you are unclear if you are working or not and what your category is here is my offical list. If you are not on it then you are not working. I was going to try to get you all on, however they cut our numbers and that is why when I had you sign the list I said, "Signing my list does not mean you are working, just that you are available and would like to and that I would let you know if your on the offical list." There are still plenty of days left and I will do my best to get you all back on set that are not working on Tuesday.

Besides your wardrobe choices for I went over on the Hotline, everyone should bring 2 regular school outfits.

Thanks guys and gals and see you all in the morning :)

Locker Room Girls (2) @6:30am

1. Hannah Hope (n)

2. Angela Li (n)

Makeout Guy #4** (1) @6:30am

1. JT Rider

Shop Students (14) @ 6:00am

1. Alex Cordon

2. Cedric Hutchinson

3. CJ Kream

4. Cooper O’Brien

5. Derrick Tims

6. Heath Street

7. Jesse Kray

8. Joespeh Mom

9. Jose Placencia

10. Kent Craig

11. Rand Chiado

12. Sergio Ardila

13. Tyler Kidney

14. Tyler McDaniel

Students (79) @ 6:30am

1. Alexander Gutherie

2. Alexandria Hernandez

3. Alura Ross

4. Amber Simpson

5. Andrew Collier

6. Andrew Deliz

7. Andrew Huckaby

8. Ann Witten Berg

9. Ariel Bruce

10. Ashley Applewhite

Autumn D

11. Brandy McCroskey

Brea S.

12. Brenda Phong

13. Bret Miller

14. Brett Blaylock

15. Brian Walsh

Carmen M.

16. Carlie Kitchens

17. Charles Renyolds

18. Charlie Rhodes

19. Chelsea Marks

20. Claire Legget

21. Cordal Harper

22. Corey Watkins

23. Dalton Titshaw

24. Demario Jones

25. Derek Jett

26. Duc Tran

27. Emilie Wilhite

28. Eric Roberts

29. Evan Williams

30. Felicia Hoyt

31. Foshae Davis

32. Gregg Washington

33. Hamilton Young

34. Jack Ha

35. Jacobi Hollingshed

36. JAla Watt

37. Jamie Cowan

38. Jamila Fland

40. Jessica Powers

41. Jessica Rojas

42. John Shin

43. Josh Dover

44. Josh Johnson

45. Josh Lett

46. Josh Taylor

47. Josh Taylor

48. Justin Calalay

49. Kalya McGlathery

50. Katelynn Robertson

51. Kelli Lee

52. Kelvin Morgan

53. Leah Brady

54. Matt Fogleman

55. Michael Carr

56. Michael Kemp

57. Mo deMoors

58. Molly Jackson

59. Nathan Simpson

60. Nicole Hoyt

61. Omolayo Jemiseye

62. Osayande Imashiajbe

63. Patrick Myers

64. Randal Denton

65. Rebecca Amaya

66. Remiko Morgan

67. Rhea CHaudhry

68. Ryan Ferguson

69. Sarah May

70. Sean Noah

71. Sophead Chea

72. Stephanie Grogan

73. Steven Stokes

74. Stuart Osburn

75. Susan F.

76. Tanner Baker

77. Thalia Contreras

78. Truman Griffin

79. Tyler Purvey

80. Vergall Allen

81. Victoria Johnson

Students in Gym (20) @5:30am

1. Ally Young Price

2. Anna Kim

3. Brittany Horne

4. Carlee Avery

5. Chelsea Barker

6. Christina Kim

7. Kenya Scott

8. Lyndsay Ricketson

9. Lyndsey Wright

10. Marissa Boyd

11. Marlle Morales

12. Meg Palmer

13. Meggan Gillham

14. Molly Dally

15. Nadia Meghjani

16. Nicole lingenfelter

17. Samantha McGrath

18. Taylor Holmes

19. Teia Patton

20. Tiffany Sharp

Girls In Gym (20) @5:30am

1. Alicia Alicock

2. Amanda Hale

3. Annie Tee

4. Ashley Lauria

5. Ashley Nobles

6. Elise Geiger

7. Esther Kim

8. Jamie King

9. Jordan Hairston

10. Kayla Burns Shelton

11. Kelly Church

12. Kerri Church

13. Mariah Yates

14. Michelle Wynn

15. Morgan Irwin-Wyatt

16. Rebecca Rollins

17. Robin Glaubman

18. Sasha Boer

19. Sierra Crittenden

20. Tamara Osejo

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thank You!!!

Thanks to everyone that came out to the open call and made it such a success!!!! Pictures and video of both days will be up soon. For those of you that were unable to make it and still want a chance to work on this film, you may submit by email. However you must follow the instructions for submission. We film in Atlanta, so please keep this in mind if you do not live close by!

You must submit a picture from the waist up, that is taken up against a solid color wall with nothing else in the background. You will also need to submit all the following info that applies to you:

Phone Number
Date of Birth
Shirt Neck
Shirt Sleeve
Car make/model/year/color

Send all of that info along with your picture to

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Offical Mean Girls 2 Open Call Information

.The open call will be held, Saturday, June 26, 2010 from 9 am to 12 pm and Sunday, June 27, 2010 from 11 am to 2pm at

    The Ernst and Young Building

    Lower Level vacancy

    at 55 Allen Plaza

    Atlanta, Georgia 30308

  • Anyone with cool/ funky hairstyle, eyeglasses, or “Art Gallery” looks
  • High school sports fans, Mom and Dad types, with a Midwest feel
  • Casting ages 16 and up and “ALL LOOKS”
  • Mall rats, skater looks and preppies!
  • Real Cheerleaders and High School Jocks! Come in high school attire.
  • Looking for Asian-American and Latin-American actors for very featured bit roles.

Wardrobe notes:

  • NO LOGOS of any kind please!
  • Come in high school attire, jeans, ringer t-shirts, hoodies, skirts, etc.
  • Backpacks, bookbags, beanies, kangols, eclectic outfits and accessories
  • Please come in style, simple jewelry is best, with hair and make-up camera ready

Plenty of free parking and bring headshots if you have them. Your browser may not support display of this image.

Please bring official state ID’s (e.g., driver’s license, birth certificate, U.S. Passport). School ID’s are not sufficient.

Join our Twitter casting blast for what we are seeking daily at

Friday, June 11, 2010

Open Call for Mean Girls 2

We will be holding an open call around June 26 - 27, so mark your calendars!!! More details to come.....


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


To work on set you must have the proper identification to fill out the Federal I-9, failure to present these documents will result in you not getting paid!!! Here are some info and links to help you get a head start on finding the required documents, so there will be no issues when you are on set.

A variety of documents acceptable for I-9 purposes. The employee must supply either:
One document that establishes both identity and employment eligibility (on List A on the I-9) OR
One document that establishes identity (on List B), together with another document that establishes employment eligibility (on List C)
All documentation must be unexpired as of April 3, 2009[2]
Documents that may be used under "List A" of the I-9 form to establish both identity and employment eligibility include:
U.S. Passport
U.S. Passport Card
An unexpired foreign passport with an I-551 stamp, or with Form I-94 attached which indicates an unexpired employment authorization
A Permanent Resident Card (often called a "green card") or Alien Registration Receipt Card with photograph
An Unexpired Temporary Resident Card
An Unexpired Employment Authorization Card
An Unexpired Employment Authorization Document issued by the Dept. of Homeland Security that includes a photograph (Form I-766)
Documents that may be used under "List B" of the I-9 to establish identity include:
Driver's license or I.D. card issued by a U.S. state or outlying possession of the U.S., provided it contains a photograph or identifying information such as name, date of birth, gender, height, eye color and address.
Federal or state I.D. card provided it contains a photograph or identifying information such as name, date of birth, gender, height, eye color and address.
School I.D. with photograph
* Voter's registration card no longer acceptable
U.S. Armed Services identification card or draft record
U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card
Native American tribal document
Driver's license issued by a Canadian government authority
For individuals under the age of 18 only, the following documents may be used to establish identity:
School record or report card
Clinic, doctor or hospital record
Day-care or nursery school record
Employees who supply an item from List B must also supply an item from List C
Documents that may be used under "List C" of the I-9 to establish employment eligibility include:
A U.S. Social Security card issued by the Social Security Administration (Note: cards that specify "not valid for employment" are not acceptable.)
A birth certificate issued by the U.S. State Department (Form FS-545 or Form DS-1350) Original or certified copy of a birth certificate from the U.S. or an outlying possession of the U.S., bearing an official seal
Native American tribal document
U.S. Citizen I.D. Card (Form I-197)
An I.D. Card for the use of a Resident Citizen in the United States (Form I-179)
An unexpired employment authorization card issued by the Dept. of Homeland Security (other than those included on List A)
U.S. citizens who have lost their social security card can apply for a duplicate at the Social Security Administration.

Employment Eligibility Verification - USCIS

Sample I-9